Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Politicians and the upcoming elections

I have been sitting back and watching the battle for who will run for president in the next election.
As I watch both Democrats and Republicans I find myself growing weary of listening to the same bunch of crap.
The Clinton camp hasn't won a primary in a while so they are resorting to mud slinging tactics. Obama wants the people to to believe that he is the next coming of JFK.
And on the right we have Mr. McCain trying to convince his own party that he is conservative enough to represent the Republican party.
I believe as a middle of the roader, and I think most people in this great country of ours is, that we need to make our voices heard and tell these folks that want to go to Washington that we are tired of the same ole same ole!
I think what is needed is another party that embodies both the liberal and conservatives alike. I have yet to figure out how they think that most Americans are either left or right!
Almost all the people I know and have spoken to believe that there has to be someone that can take the best of post parties and bring together this great country we call home.
As I have seen throughout my years watching politics we either have a one party president and other congress so no work gets done because they can't agree that the sky is blue and the grass is green. Or we get a president and congress from the same party and everything gets rubber stamped whether it is good or not.
When you talk to people about voting and changing the situation, you get responses like "Why should I vote, one vote won't make a difference" or more likely something like "It doesn't matter if I vote or not, nothing changes".
Well I have something to say to those people, if you don't vote you have absolutely no reason to bitch about anything congress or the president does. If you feel like your vote don't count just look back a few years ago to what happened when Gore got screwed in Florida, anyone remember how close that was? Now what would have happened if everyone who said that their vote didn't count voted? I think the outcome would have been very, very different.
I do believe that the voting system needs to be overhauled and the electorial college done away with. It is an old and archaic way of electing officials. It is time to do a serious overhaul!
I would also like to see congress do several things for America that they have so far refused to do because it erodes thier power. One is to ban lobbiest. That is why the average citizen is left with a feeling that government does not listen to them. You have big companies paying these lobbiest huge amounts of cash to make sure that their interest are looked after. Now I ask you, who is there looking after the peoples interest? Have we the people hired a lobbiest to go to Washington and look after our interest? No, but damnit we should or ban them from Capitol Hill, they have no place there influencing OUR elected officals.
The other thing that needs to be done is two fold, number one, can you say term limits? Look at people like Strum Thurman, that old coot was in there until they damn near had to make him leave.
Number two is give the president the line item veto, and I think that would help do away with the political pork, that is one of the biggest waste of money right there, anyone heard of the Alaskan hiway to nowhere? All done with taxpayer dollars.
So much for my political rant for 2008! Happy voting everyone!