Monday, June 29, 2009

A New Beginning

It is now seventeen days since the disputed elections in Iran.
In my own way I am supporting the Iranian people by posting various sections of my blog in the colors of the the opposition, Green!
I encourage anyone who believes in liberty and the freedom to choose your own leaders and write a blog, use Face Book or any other type of social networking to do the same.
The illegally elected government is now cementing their power by arresting opposition leaders and protesters to solidify their power. There are no true elections in Iran as we in the free world can see for ourselves.
The Supreme Leader has ensured that the dictator will continue with his destructive ways and pursuit of nuclear weapons.
Mir Hossein Mousavi is the true president of that ancient land. He may have not opened Iran to the world, but he would be the legal leader and the people would have gotten what they voted for.
In the aftermath of the election Ahmadinejad was congratulated on his win, but if anyone in the world noticed, it was from countries who either run sham elections (Russia) or hold no elections at all (China). All they did was congratulate him on stealing an election.
We in the free, outside world should do everything we can to support the people in Iran. It may not be enough to get the election overturned, but they will know that they are not alone and we do support their quest for political and religious freedom.
If we let the people know we are with them it will embolden them to not give up.
It is difficult to follow the law when everything is rigged against you, but Mir Hossein Mousavi is still fighting, if not publicly, behind the scenes and attempting to do it within the law.
As things stand now the dictatorship is in place with the blessing of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is going to crush all opposition to their rule. This is the beginning of the end for any kind of democracy or free elections in Iran.
Everything is now stacked against any opposition, you can't get air time, they are shutting down opposition websites and access to anything on the web that will give the people a place to let the rest of the world know what is going on.
I hope our President and other leaders of the free world do not let this happen.
Let our Iranian brothers and sisters know they are not alone.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Freedom and Iran

Last Friday the Iranian people went to the polls in what they thought was going to be a free and fair election.
What they got was a blatant insult to their intelligence and any chance of change crushed.
The reigning clerics knew their tight grip on policy was slipping away, so the supreme leader declared the incumbent firebrand Mahmoud Ahmadinijad the winner by an almost two to one count.
The problem is that this happen while polling places were still open and counting was in progress.
How does this happen? This is a the theocracy where religion is the ultimate rule , lying is forbidden as I believe it is in all religions, I also believe that stealing is a sin. The Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has ripped the people of Iran off and stolen a God given right, that is to elect the people to govern with no interference.
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has also made it very clear in his Friday sermon that it is time to stop the protest. Here is where he turns loose the feared militia "Basij" this way they can claim that they had no responsibility for the many deaths that will happen in the coming days.

From what I see this isn't just a power struggle withing the existing ruling system, but of the class that brought the revolution to Iran and the younger more educated and "wired" generation.
It doesn't matter what the ruling mullah's do the younger generation already knows what exist in the world beyond the borders of their ancient lands.
They do not want to bring down their government, that has been stated repeatedly. What they do what is for the government to do the right thing and respect their call for a new election.
This time let it be fair and let all opposition have equal time on TV and radio and any other means. Open the Internet to all site, not just what the ruling class deems is right.

The people can and will make the ultimate sacrifice and and do what any other repressed society will do when they have had their fill of being held down.
The government of Iran is afraid of what they see, this is exactly how they came to power.
They know the power of a motivated people.

Let the people have their voice.

God Bless and our prayers from the people of the United States