Monday, January 28, 2008

Driving in America

I have lived and driven in most of this great county of ours and to this day I can not believe the stupidity that I see on our roads.
At this point in time I live in a rather rural area of West by God Virginia. I can't believe that I actually see more stupid stuff happening on the roads here than I ever saw living in places like L.A. or Seattle. I guess my biggest pet peeve is people that haven't figured out that other drivers don't have esp and can read minds.
Now that I have you wondering, "What is he talking about!" I am sure anyone who reads this will do the ole "Doh" once I state it. Does everyone know what that little stick looking thing on the left hand side of the steering column is? I believe last time I checked it was called a TURN SIGNAL!
I have had people not use it then cut me off an then I get the finger or something worse! Ok let me review, I am driving along not changing lanes and I get cut off, but I get the finger, what is wrong with that picture? Had a person just this past Friday along side me at a stop light, (yes they are developed enough here to have them), we took off from the light and was getting up to speed and all the sudden (no turn signal of course) this person cuts me and the person in the left hand lane next to me off to make a their left hand turn! From what I can tell he didn't even look in his mirrors before cutting across three lanes of traffic! As I stated before I live in a rural area and that being restated, to get home I need to follow a rather curvey road home. Imagine my suprise coming around a blind corner and coming face to face with someone in a jacked up 4x4 going full bore down the wrong side of the road headed right at me! I was thinking it would only happen once! No way that is the way that they drive here, and not only that if you aren't going full bore down those roads they get right up on you butt and think they are going to make you go faster!
Now you need to remember I come from places where driving fast is normal, but on back roads you slow down!
The other thing is people driving with a cell phone shoved in their ear! Now let me think, I have been driving for over thirty years, and I own a cell phone, and I in no way shape or form think I can drive, text (kids), dial a number, and focus on what I am doing with a 3 ton killing machine in my control. Why do other people think they can do it? Do they just not care about others on the road? Or are they so self absorbed that it doesn't matter what they are doing they just have to have that phone going.
Unfortunately that isn't just regular joe's doing it either. I can't remember the last time I got behind a state trooper here that didn't have that thing up to their ear also. Last time I checked it wasn't safe for anyone to be driving and on a cell phone at the same time, what are they better trained to do that than civilians?
There is my opinion for the day.
So if you ever decide to come to this part of the country make sure you are up on your defensive driving skills because your going to need them!

Friday, January 25, 2008


This is the start of my very first blog.
I needed a place to voice my opinions and let other people see how and why I feel the way I do.
I am sure that there are more people that share these views.
Just to ensure that I am not taken for some crack pot / nut case.
I am an older male with 4 years of college and I work in the IT field.
I have no radical background (Unless you consider being a biker radical).

I am a registered republican but votes for the best person for the job.
There are a wide range of topics to which I have numerous opinions on (as my better half and life partner can attest to) that seem to me to be simple common sense.
I will get into those at a later date.