Saturday, December 31, 2011

My anger over flows.

As everyone knows the month of December has been one hell of a month. Not just this year but every year since pop passed away back in the early seventies. Yes, there have been some pretty good years here and there, but in general the holiday season has sucked. A few years back I added another reason to dislike December and this time of year, I had to have my best friend Major put to sleep because of cancer. 
Yes, he was just a dog, but a better friend a person could never have had. 
This year as most of my friends and family know my grandson had a television fall on his head and had to have major brain surgery.  That is just one more reason added to the list. 
The reason that I am writing this though has to do with the topper of it all, my so called son in law. I have considered him  less of a man since he moved out on my daughter and the kids saying something to the effect of "I can't deal with paying all the bills myself. When you get a job I'll move back in."How selfish can you be? I thought when you got married you were supposed to stick around and live up to your responsibilities as a husband and father? Maybe I am too old school to think anything different. I know I made my mistakes in that manner so I do know what I am talking about. But to top it all off when his son needs him most he turns his back on him, telling his wife and the mother of his child that "he isn't my responsibly". How can anyone turn their back on their own child like that?! I just can't imagine that anyone could be so self centered and selfish as to walk away from a little innocent child that you helped bring into this world. I know my daughter and my grandson will do just fine with out that POS in their lives, but I can't help to think of  how much more his son would benefit from him being there. Scoot with carry on and do a wonderful job and make the sacrifice's he isn't willing to make. 
Scoot, I love you and the boys to know end. I am always here for you.