Monday, March 31, 2008

The Current State of Health Care in The United States

As we all know the cost of health care is getting out of hand due to over zealous lawyers and the general pubic
preception that doctors should be perfect. In Utopia that may be the case, but this is the real world and I am here to
tell you that doctors, just like you and I are real people with minds, ideas and last but not least feelings.
I can speak from many years of experiance. For one I am, and I admit it accident prone and have spent a whole lot of time dealing with doctors. Second of all I work for a community health center and after saying that it goes without saying, I work with a lot of doctors. Yes most of them have a "God" complex, but I guess when you have to make life and death decisions on a daily basis you would get to feeling that way. Life is different in a community health center for a doctor because of the type of facility it is. Most are struggling for monies that just aren't forth coming and grants from the government that we may or may not get.
The reason most doctors come to work for places like I work is that they don't have to deal with malpractice coverage, it is covered through the CHC. I recently spoke to one of our providers and she informed me of the horrendous cost of malpractice insurance. She told me before she came to work with us that her malpractice premiums with reaching for coverage of $500,000.00, you read it correctly, $500,000.00.
You wonder why the cost of health care is so high! When she came to work for us she said that they insurance comany was getting ready to raise rates and drop the coverage. I couldn't believe the cost of the insurance so I did a little investigating and talking to other providers who provided similar numbers to what she had quoted me.
So there we have one part of the puzzle, now for the second and the one that burns my ass the most, the cost of prescription medications. My doc prescribed a medication for a problem I was having, of course I have insurance so I figured no biggie! Boy was I mistaken, first off I find that because the medication is for something other than my problem, it is not covered by my insurance company. Ok no problem I think to myself until I get the cost of the prescription, $70.00 for I believe it was two weeks worth of medication (14) pills! I am fairly healthy so I was able to tell the pharmacy thanks, but no thanks. If I can't afford something that wasn't that big of a deal and I will live with out it, how do the people like older folks who have to have certain meds just to live feel! The companies that devalope these drugs blame the high cost on R&D and the cost of getting it through the FDA! I call bullshit, what I see is a bunch of money grubbing buttheads trying to make as much as they can off people they know need this stuff to survive!
I speak from experiance after speaking to my mom, who is trying to survive with my step father on her retirement and little else.
There comes a time when something is so broken it has to be fixed no matter how painful it is. Doctors should be the ones making decisions on what gets done and what is prescribed. Those calls need to be takin out of HMO's, PPO's and laywers and judges hands.
Also Congress and the President need to get off their dead ass's and either get universal health care in place or place caps on what a doctor can be sued for and how much liability needs to be paid out.
Remember people doctors and nurses are people also, just like you and I even though they do have your life and mine in their hands.

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