Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Taking the blame

As I watch and read the latest news coming out of today's troubled world I keep seeing one line that catches my eyes.

The line I am talking about is "America is to blame". I read this concerning Columbia going into Ecuador to kill terrorist. I also read it where the USA is responsible for the high oil price's, and I quote "What's happening in the oil market is due to the mismanagement of the U.S. economy".

I would like to know how we are the cause of the worlds troubles. I know the current administration has done everything in their power to destroy America's credability, but lets be honest anyone who is calling us the "root of all evil" is and will continue to be enemies of the US or people who have no clue about world politics.
For instance the United States buddy in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. He was in power, a coup took him out (blamed the US for that). Now with Columbia going into Ecuador and killing one of his terrorist buddies he is again accusing the US of meddling in Latin America's affairs.
I agree that the US has major interest in Latin America, but lets be real, we do not have a hand in everything that goes on there.
As has been reported and printed in news papers Hugo Chavez has been funding FARC, and of course, like his buddy in Iran, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, are calling all the evidence fabricated.
There is another one of those people who think that the US is at the root of all that ill's the middle east suffers, and not only that he is so deluded that he along with other members of that warped community that have called the holocaust a lie and continue to insist it never happed.
How do people like this come to power? They lie, have what they call democratic elections and hold onto power by bullying voters and the opposition or outlawing the opposition in the name of peace and stability (Sound like China to anyone?).
The United States being the only so called "Super Power" left has a role in the world and it isn't being the worlds whipping boy.
George Bush and his cronies have put this country in such a horrid position at this time that it may take several administrations to bring us back to the forfront of world leadership where we are respected and not ridiculed and called war mongers and capitalist just looking to make a buck off of third world and developing nations resources.
I love my country and I hate hearing what others say about us. But our leadership has put us in this position and they will have to get us out of it.
I challenge America to stand up to these idiots and show the world what we are made of and what these tyrants really are.

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