Friday, March 14, 2008

World Elections

It seems to be election time all over the world. Russia just finished their “free and open” elections and now Iran is having theirs. Before Iran’s election started the Supreme Ayatollah called for massive turn outs which would tell the west that they are happy with the type of government they have. As the results have filtered out the numbers are much lower than they had hoped. I believe this means the people are not happy but you can be assured the twisted president they have elected will make it look like some kind of support for his continued stupidity of defying the United Nations Security Council.
I hope the rest of this great nation looks at the way countries like Iran, Russia, Egypt, and any number of other countries that try to claim that they hold fair and free elections and then look at what they have here. We have a system that may not be perfect, but it allows it’s people to really choose who they want to represent them, not some sham election where all the opponents of the ruling class are declared ineligible for shady reasons ala Russia and Iran. Russia claimed that their elections were free and fair. If they were free and fair why were foreign monitors restricted so much that they quit because they couldn’t do their jobs properly. What about the majority of opposition opponents’? They were forced to drop from the race or were blocked from placing ad’s on the state run television stations. The president – elect wouldn’t even debate the remaining opponents.
When and incumbent dictator hand picks his successor and all opposition is crushed, where is the “free and transparency” part of the election. Not only had all that happened consider all of the arm twisting that gone on before Russia’s election. Bosses are going to the people that worked for them and basically blackmailed them into voting for the ruling party just as they were probably blackmailed with loss of jobs or promotions and such. And on top of all that, to maintain his power Putin has “volunteered” to be the next Prime Minister of Russia, hmmmp, who’s in power here?
Just one more example of sham elections. Remember the little island approximately ninety miles off the U.S. shore, Cuba. Here is one of the worse offenders in the world! Let me get this straight, Had one President for forty nine years (because there was no one to run against him). One party rule, great opportunity for change huh? Now they held elections and what do they do, elect one dictator to replace another. These are free and fair elections, was there a choice in there somewhere I missed?
People in this country need to step back and look at what goes on out there in the rest of the world. We are one of the few countries that give the people the choice and as I stated before it isn’t perfect, but look at the alternatives, how do those look to you?

God bless America

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